Avenue of the Flags

The Avenue of the Flags is a fundraising and service project of the Tuesday Noon Optimist Club of Cedar Rapids. We place 3' x 5' United States flags in front of subscribers' homes on 5 national holidays each year, Memorial Day, Flag Day (June 14th), Independence Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day (November 11th). The flags are attached to a 10' metal pole which is placed into a previously placed metal receptacle 24” from the curb directly out from the front door of the home. The receptacle is placed at ground level so as not to impede walking or lawn care. The Optimists store the flags after each holiday and provide us with “route sheets” before each holiday.

The Avenue of the Flags chairperson will send out information and signups prior to each holiday. It is highly recommended that each scout volunteer for 2 holidays, either set up or take down of flags, to help with our troop's main fundraiser.


In the fall all BSA scouts can sell gourmet popcorn as an individual fundraiser.  The scouts are recommended to sell to family, friends, and neighbors.  Some even go door to door selling popcorn or set up a table at a busy grocery store (with permission) to attract customers.  Part of the profits go into the scout's Scout Account to help pay for items like campout fees or high adventures.  A popcorn participation patch is available for those who sell popcorn.  Depending on how much a scout sells, they may choose from a variety of popcorn prizes as a bonus.  When selling popcorn, the customers pay when they place the order and the popcorn is delivered at a later date.

Linn-Mar Stadium Clean-up

In the fall, Troop 560 cleans up Linn-Mar High School football stadium after home football games and after the Linn-Mar Marching Band Festival. For those who have participated in the clean up, funds earned that day will be evenly distributed into the scouts personal scout account.