Troop 560 Youth and Adult Leaders

Youth Leaders

Troop Leaders

SPL Ashlyn

ASPL Juliana

ASPL Oliver

Patrol Leaders

Bats Grant

Sharks Isaac

Raccoons Dylan S

Yeti Brenna 

Other Leaders

Bugler Adam

Chaplain Aide Henry

Librarian Dylan P

Quartermasters Isaac / Juliana

Scribe Megan

Webmaster Isaiah


Shawn Kemtz                           2024-Present

Zak Anderson (B) 2022-2024

Jami Anderson (G) 2021-2024

Michelle Simoneau (G) 2019-2021

Jason Silcox (B) 2019-2022

Robert Bagsby 2016-2019

Doug Wilson 2013-2016

Bruce Jacobs 2010-2013

Thom Grote 2007-2010

Roger Kirpes 2004-2007

Doug Anderson 2001-2004

Paul Smith 1998-2001

Jim Wood 1996-1998

Tim Sagan 1995-1996

Dennis Ehrhart 1994-1995

Jim Wood 1990-1994

Art Christoffersen 1988-1990

Gary Forquer 1985-1988

Tom Brennon 1983-1985

Tom Parman 1982-1983

Robert Pierce 1979-1982

Gary Foote 1977-1979

Jim Martin 1975-1977

Jerry Brown 1972-1975

Howard Miller 1969-1972

Adult Leader Training

BSA National and our local Hawkeye Area Council provide training for adults so we may have a quality program.  Just as every year we add Scouts, we also need to add trained adult leaders. BSA National provides Adult Leader Training online.  Popular training includes:

However, the most important training is hands-on, in-person adult Scouts BSA Leader training provided by the Hawkeye Area Council. The Hawkeye Area council has an Adult Leader Training page at  The adult Scouts BSA Leader training is held once in the Fall and once in the Spring. The training has two parts; one is in a classroom setting and another is in an outdoors setting where you learn outdoor skills.  There are approximately six hours in the classroom, and then a weekend campout at Camp Wakonda. (The six classroom hours are either all in a single day, or spread over two days depending on how they decide to deliver it.)